• 关于 Saint Francis

    Founded in 1847, Saint Francis University is one of the oldest Catholic universities in the United States, and the oldest institution honoring Franciscan values. Generosity, respect, discovery, and joy are part of our DNA fostering an environment which helps our students grow into compassionate, successful professionals with a desire to shape the world.

    SFU is dedicated to providing each student with top-rated academics, a vibrant student life, opportunities for leadership, and unflagging individualized support from a distinguished faculty.




  • 关于圣弗朗西斯 About the University

    • Location: Loretto, Pennsylvania
    • Total Enrollment: 2,289 
    • Gender: Female 61.0%, male 39.0% (Undergraduate)
    • First-Year Retention Rate: 85.0%
    • Average Graduation Rate: 70.3%
    • Average Class Size: 18
    • 21 NCAA Division 1 sports
    • 100% of all international students receive scholarships
    • 地点:美国东海岸宾夕法尼亚州,洛雷托市

    • 招生人数:2,289

    • 性别:女性 61.0%,男性 39.0%(本科生)

    • 一年级留存率:85.0%

    • 平均毕业率:70.3%

    • 平均班级规模:18人

    • NCAA一级运动队:21个

    • 获得奖学金的国际学生比例:100%

  • 特色 Why Choose Saint Francis

    Individual Attention



    SFU focuses on providing individualized attention to its students by offering a low student-faculty ratio and small class sizes. The result are high first-year student retention and excellent graduation rates.

    -Student-faculty ratio: 14:1

    -More than 66 % of classes have fewer than 20 students

    -First-year retention rate: 85.0 %

    -Avg. graduation rate: 70.3 %



    · 师生比例为 1:14

    · 超过66%的班级学生人数低于20人

    · 第一年保留率为 85.0%

    · 平均毕业率为 70.3%

    Vibrant & Safe Campus



    SFU offers a vibrant campus life at one of the safest and friendliest campuses in the country. Our residential campus includes ten modern, comfortable residences, state-of-the art academic buildings, dining facilities, student lounges, and recreation complexes. In addition, we have over 80 clubs, 21 Division-I NCAA sports teams, and 9 intramural and club teams.



    Great Location



    SFU is surrounded by unspoiled countryside and only within a few hours of metropolitan cities such as Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. Throughout the semester, the university offers travel experiences for international students to these nearby destinations.





  • 校园环境 OUR CAMPUS

    Our scenic 600 acres rural campus sits on a mountain top in Loretto, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh in the northeastern part of the United States. It is embedded in a beautiful hilly landscape that allows for learning and activities in harmony with nature.



  • 走进校园 Campus video

  • 校园地图 Campus map


    Click on the map for a Virtual Campus Tour




    SFU's campus is located within few hours of major cities such as Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., and New York City.


  • 专业 Academic programs

    Saint Francis University offers 45+ programs through three schools: Business, Health Sciences & Education, and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (STEAM).”


  • 学校排名 school ranking


    The top 15 most valuable universities in the northeastern United States


    One of the top 100 character development universities according to Templeton Foundation.


    One of the 12 most environmentally friendly universities in the United States.


    One of the top 50 universities with best graduate programs in north United States.

  • 校历 Academic calendar

    2019-2020 Academic Calendar

  • 学费 tuition fee


    Fees may change without notice.

    1. Each session in fall and spring is equal to 7.5 weeks, which is half of a SFU semester. Summer sessions are extra intensive 6-week courses, with additional class hours to match the 7.5-week curriculum. Tuition and fees remain the same, but housing is prorated.

    2. Student services fee includes: technology fee, campus health services, placement testing, and express mailing of visa documents.

    3. Residence halls and meal fees are approximate and vary depending single or double occupancy. Fees are charged per semester.

    4. Students must enroll in SFU health insurance throughout the duration of their studies. Fee above is subject to change.


    1. 春/秋季课程时长皆为7.5周,即SFU的半个学期。夏季课程安排则更紧密,时长为6周,总课时与春/秋季课程相同。学费及其他费用相同,住宿按时长缴费。

    2. 学生服务费包括:技术费用、校园医疗健康服务、分级考试、签证相关文件的邮寄费用。

    3. 住宿及餐饮费用根据单人间/双人间而略有区别,每学期收取一次。

    4. 学生在SFU就读期间必须购买SFU健康保险。上表中的费用可能根据实际情况发生变化。


  • 奖学金 scholarships

    SFU offers generous merit-based scholarships for international undergraduate students that are named "International Excellence Awards". These scholarships range from $6,000 to $15,000 per year and are renewable for up to four years provided the student maintains a minimum 2.5 Grade Point Average.


  • 国际学生录取 International Admissions

    SFU offers international students the convenience of conditional admissions through the SFU intensive English Program for undergraduate or graduate admissions. Conditionally admitted students do not need to provide a TOEFL or IELTS score. If you are an international student with an 80 iBT TOEFL or an IELTS 6.5, you may apply for “full” admission.


  • 国际学生咨询 Contact us if you are international students

    We can be reached at intl@francis.edu

    如有任何问题欢迎通过 intl@francis.edu联系我们

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